Pam's Piano Studio


Tuition is a flat monthly fee of $70 for group lessons or $100 for private lessons.  The fee is pro-rated over the year. There may be 3, 4 or 5 lessons per month.  Tuition is due no later than the first lesson of each month.  The tuition covers your lessons for that month.  

It is preferred that families set up a regular automated online payment. If payment in not collected within 5 days of the due date, a $10 late fee will be assessed.  An additional fee of $1 per day will be assessed for every day after the 5th day in which payment has not been received.

Each additional family member of a full-paying student will receive a $10 discount off the regular monthly tuition rate.

There are no refunds given if you miss a lesson.  

Piano lesson materials will be made available at cost to the student.