Pam's Piano Studio

I have always loved music.  As a child I wanted to take piano lessons, but it didn’t fit into our family’s budget.  My mom had taken a few lessons earlier in her life, and she provided piano books and helped me when I would get stuck.  When I was in 2nd grade I was able to take piano lessons for a few months and that was enough to get me going.  I actually enjoyed playing any kind of instrument that I could get my hands on....guitar, accordion, recorder, trombone, violin and the flute (sorta).  My family was going on a road trip, and I decided that I wanted to make good use of that time in the car.  I borrowed a flute from my school.  As you can imagine my efforts to learn to play the flute were quickly brought to a halt by ALL family members, and much to my dismay the flute remained in the trunk for the rest of the trip!  

In high school I again had the opportunity to take piano lessons, but honestly the piano teacher didn’t quite know what to do with me. I could play well enough that I was way ahead of the beginner books, but I didn’t have a clue about correct fingering, scales, etc., so that was short lived. I continued to learn on my own. My practice didn’t make “perfect” but it did make “better”. A pianist is always in demand at church, and soon I was playing for church, and accompanying special music, etc.

After I got married, my husband, Peter encouraged me to pursue my dream of playing the piano. After my experience in high school of unsuccessfully taking lessons, I was timid about this, so Peter actually made the phone call and signed me up for lessons. I showed up and the piano teacher was fantastic. I took one year of classical music. I then wanted to learn more about improvisation so I found a teacher who was gifted in that area.

Over the years people have asked me to give piano lessons. My sister, Sandra, is the one who finally talked me into giving lessons to her three children. I figured if I was giving lessons to her kids I might as well teach other people, too. So in 2013 I started teaching piano classes one day a week after school. Then in 2019, after 29 years of teaching elementary school, I decided it would be a good time to stop teaching 1st and 2nd grade and just give piano lessons.

My philosophy is that everyone is musical and can learn to play the piano.  Music is a great way to relax, have fun, work out your frustrations, as well as an incredible way to praise God.  The biggest mistake people make is assuming that if they simply come to the lesson they will be able to play the piano.  Learning to play is not instantaneous.  It takes dedicated practice.  If a basketball coach shows you how to shoot a basket, you still most likely won’t be a great shooter, unless you spend some time practicing what he/she showed you.  It is the same for playing the piano.  I am the coach showing you how to play, and you will need to go home and practice.  It will come faster to some people than others, but all who practice will make progress and have success!  By the way, my husband starting taking lessons from me in 2013.  Playing the piano does not come easily for him, but he practices 30 minutes or so most days.  He now is able to sit down and play for his own enjoyment out of many books.  And that is the purpose of music, to bring enjoyment to your life.  It is my goal to make music fun!  I want all my students to experience the pleasure and satisfaction that music brings!

Click here for the recording of me playing Give Thanks in November, 2013.  I am so thankful for music!